A Proposal to Keep International Peace
Show Warm Friendship to Russia
Cassy Mansfield, An editorial Staff

In the midst of the battle or Russo-Ukraine War, our country is also put into quite a very delicate position in the Far-east Asia. Premier Kishida, Japanese Premier, always says very clearly that he will decisively keep his position against Russian policy or the same root of USA. But it might inflame Russian fighting mode more than ceasing fire mode. Because even after Perestroika, Russia still has been worrying about long-lasing economic recession period while NATO nations have come to enjoy their prosperity. Thinking back to the peace in the former part of the thirties before the outbreak of the Nazi’s invasion, you will soon get aware of the fact that only German people had to worry about terrible inflation, which was totally caused by American government’s decision of withdrawal of the financial aid investment from Germany.

Now is the best timing that westerners commit good decision to rescue Russian finance, so that she does not have to make atrocity of big war just as seen in the latter half of the thirties.

Ukraine invasion by Russia is just the same as German invasion to Poland. In case westerners keep anti-Russian policy, Russian government would not find any hope but enlarge her battlefield from Ukraine to World-wide, then Japan, Korea and Taiwan will also a victim.

Negotiation has to contain below:

  1. All the western nations are willing to support Russian finance.
  2. Russian government should instantly stop war.
  3. United Nations pay recovery money to Ukraine for Russia.

Russia should repay money to the United Nations when available within the end of 21st C.